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Composition... and a few other things

You're composition is lacking immensely, it is very confusing, and is all over the place. If you want to see a good example of fantastic composition (and detail), look up Frank Frazetta. You seem to pay attention to detail, but lack proper hierarchy and decent posing.

It feels wonky, and slapped together. Take time to plan it out some more, and practice the poses before jumping into it. It's also nice to see you're putting understanding of anatomy into your work, but it's making the poses here stiff. The characters lack any definitive life, and some lack proper proportions.

One thing I'd like you to try is to black out all of the character one by one, and ask yourself if the pose is readable. Meaning, does the pose sell the attitude/emotion/action/etc. of that character.

I hope this helps.

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msg2007 responds:

ok dude your the better artist
thanks for the review